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Mar 04

[meta-jacked] The Aquarian Weekly – Utada @ Irving Plaza NYC

An exerpt from the Aquarian Weekly article on Utada Hikaru’s live concert at Irving Plaza NYC (written by Victoria Goldenberg). “NEW YORK, NY—The name Utada doesn’t ring a bell in the United States, and the Japanese-American singer’s two English-language albums have sold just a few thousand copies each in North America. Yet both albums were …

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Dec 09

[interview] Dir en grey and the truth of being human

It’s Friday the thirteenth, and a miserable one at that. Thick cloud cover casts New York in a sallow, wan light, and the sky sputters icy raindrops that whisper against umbrellas the promise of a deluge. I’m walking down 23rd Street in Manhattan, and around me pedestrians are hurrying to their destinations, eager to escape …

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Oct 16

[interview] Swinging Popsicle Swings into New York

Swinging Popsicle makes an unlikely link between indie music and anime/video game fandom. While its laid-back retro rock isn’t the typical soundtrack for animated entertainment, the unassuming trio has played at conventions in North America and composed the music for the well-regarded 2009 PC game Sumaga/Star Mine Girl, introducing their 12-year catalogue to a new …

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May 11

[News] Utada Hikaru postpones Best Buy appearances

An acute case of left relapsing peritonsillitis forced Utada Hikaru to cancel a series of nationwide appearances at Best Buy this week. These were meant to coincide with the pop singer’s domestic release of This Is The One tomorrow. Utada’s official site says the promotion will be rescheduled. You can read the full news release …

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Mar 29

Utada Hikaru and the American Dream: Utada at Sephora New York 3/25

It has become an increasingly common sight in New York City: hundreds of J-music fans lined up on the street for the chance to see their idols in the flesh. On this warm March day, the occasion for the commotion is Japanese pop sensation Utada Hikaru’s appearance at a Manhattan Sephora to promote her new …

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