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Oct 07

[review] the brilliant green: BLACKOUT

“Seems like yesterday,” Tomoko Kawase sings on The Brilliant Green’s single “Like Yesterday.” When the song came out in February, things did seem like yesterday. The Brilliant Green were back with their first single in two years, picking up where they left off with their no-frills British rock sound. Backed by a new label, the …

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Aug 02

[review] Tommy heavenly6: I Kill My Heart

The brilliant green vocalist Kawase Tomoko’s concurrent solo careers, nerdy 80’s pop singer Tommy february6 and eyeliner-caked rocker Tommy heavenly6, were traditionally a chance for the entire band to let loose and make funny—but still quality—songs about baby candy pop and jumping pumpkin monsters. Literally, the entire band: Bassist Okuda Shunsaku and guitarist Matsui Ryo …

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