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Feb 08

[live report] girugamesh – NEW ALBUM RELEASE PREMIUM ONEMAN SHOW 2010

We’ve all seen it. Who could forget that viral video advertising the anime convention Sakuracon in 2009 featuring a row of nameless sushi-loving otaku? Perhaps the most memorable and Youtube-famous of all these shining faces was a young man, clad in a black hoody and spiky hair, throwing his fist up into the air and …

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Apr 07

[meta-jacked] JRock NYC Review of Kagrra: Shu

kagrra shu KICS-91458 PSC/Columbia/King 4.01.2009 ¥3600yen So the last few Kagrra albums have gone completely unplayed since their initial releasings, and I expected this one would as well. To combat this instant-obsolescence, I thought maybe I could plug Shu into the dinner music rotation (our little kitchen mp3 player currently rotates the Luna Sea acoustic …

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