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Dec 24

[vault review] Cocco: Best + Ura Best + Mihappyou Kyokushuu

When Cocco left the music industry in 2001 (she officially returned in 2006), she released a best-of that went beyond the obligatory singles collection. The two-disc collection includes 11 singles, seven B-sides, three album tracks and five exclusive songs; the first press edition had a third CD with a track from Cocco’s sought-after indies single …

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Jul 02

[vault review] Cocco: Sangrose

Articles about The Shins often mention the scene in Garden State in which Natalie Portman hands her headphones to actor-director Zach Braff and says, “Listen to this; it will change your life.” In some alternate universe where Mr. Braff is a huge J-rock fan, he could have written the scene about Cocco, and music writers …

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