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May 10

[photo] Berryz Kobo @ Sakuracon

The seven-member Hello! Project idol group Berryz Kobo made their American performance debut at Sakura-Con 2011 for an audience of 3500 fans. Fans traveled from all over the world including multiple parts of the USA, plus Canada, France, Mexico, and Japan to support the pop vocal group who is celebrating their 7th year together. Berryz …

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Feb 08

[live report] girugamesh – NEW ALBUM RELEASE PREMIUM ONEMAN SHOW 2010

We’ve all seen it. Who could forget that viral video advertising the anime convention Sakuracon in 2009 featuring a row of nameless sushi-loving otaku? Perhaps the most memorable and Youtube-famous of all these shining faces was a young man, clad in a black hoody and spiky hair, throwing his fist up into the air and …

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Apr 15

The Epic of girugamesh

Quick Notes from the Q&A When asked what they thought of Sakuracon, the whole band stood up and chanted, “girugamesh!” An inside source tells us that the band members were quite amused by the Sakuracon commercial.  Can you believe they even watched the remixes?  Jokingly (or maybe not) girugamesh mentioned wanting to meet the young …

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Mar 31

Press Release – girugamesh in-store event

March 28, 2009 – Following their Friday night concert on April 10 at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Japanese rock band girugamesh will make a special in-store appearance at the Hot Topic store in Southcenter Mall on Saturday, April 11.

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