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Oct 07

[review] the brilliant green: BLACKOUT

“Seems like yesterday,” Tomoko Kawase sings on The Brilliant Green’s single “Like Yesterday.” When the song came out in February, things did seem like yesterday. The Brilliant Green were back with their first single in two years, picking up where they left off with their no-frills British rock sound. Backed by a new label, the …

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Jan 05

[review] Kokusyoku Sumire: Version; a voyage

Despite the international success of many Japanese classical musicians, Japanese band showcases in the United States rarely include the genre (the faux-classical posturing of many Visual Kei bands nonwithstanding). That made Kokusyoku Sumire a pleasant surprise at New York’s Far East to East Showcase in September. Singer-pianist Yuka and violinist Sachi filtered classical, opera and …

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Dec 25

[vault review] Cocco: Kumuiuta

One of Cocco’s greatest strengths is her use of extremes. She understands that a powerful moment becomes all the more intense when paired with its opposite. Her recent albums are more consistent in mood, but 1998’s surreal-sounding Kumuiuta had her most deft contrast. The a capella lullaby “Chiisana Ame no Hi no Kuwamui” makes the …

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Dec 24

[vault review] Cocco: Best + Ura Best + Mihappyou Kyokushuu

When Cocco left the music industry in 2001 (she officially returned in 2006), she released a best-of that went beyond the obligatory singles collection. The two-disc collection includes 11 singles, seven B-sides, three album tracks and five exclusive songs; the first press edition had a third CD with a track from Cocco’s sought-after indies single …

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Sep 16

[review] SPEED: SPEEDLAND~The Premium Best Re Tracks~

Speed stole the thunder from its own CD. The seminal Speed girls, now in their 20s and reunited for the long term, sing mature reinterpretations of their teenage anthems of friendship and growing up in Speedland~The Premium Best Re Tracks~. But since we’ve already heard them perform those songs as adults—mostly live, but sometimes in …

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