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Jun 01

[interview] MIYAVI – Samurai Guitarist and CEO part 1

MIYAVI is a samurai guitarist, conquering the world for Japan with the only weapon he knows how to use: his guitar. But this visual kei idol turned CEO of a management company hasn’t always been his own feudal lord. Starting out in the short-lived band Due le Quartz, MIYAVI had to go through being just …

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Apr 11

[interview] Aiha Higurashi

Aiha Higurashi’s music always bears her unmistakable stamps. Both the experimental punk of her bands, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her and Loves, and the soft introspection of her solo records, are honest about life’s struggles, yet delivered with confidence and a middle finger. Higurashi has a knack for writing unpredictable song structures and incorporating …

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Jan 20

[interview] MORNING GLORY, What's the Story?

Since 2003, MORNING GLORY has been telling stories with pop-punk finesse.  Honest problems meets honest music that might not have been able to grow in Tokyo, but flourishes in their home-base of Nagoya. purple SKY: How has your musical style changed since you first formed the band in 2003? RIMINA (guitar, vocals): I’ve never tried …

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