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Sep 16

[review] SPEED: SPEEDLAND~The Premium Best Re Tracks~

Speed stole the thunder from its own CD. The seminal Speed girls, now in their 20s and reunited for the long term, sing mature reinterpretations of their teenage anthems of friendship and growing up in Speedland~The Premium Best Re Tracks~. But since we’ve already heard them perform those songs as adults—mostly live, but sometimes in …

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Apr 12

ayaka to go on hiatus

Photo by Nakagawa Haruka (TBS) This news is over a week old, but “I believe” singer ayaka announced her marriage and upcoming hiatus on April 3. She revealed she had married actor Mizushima Hiro in February, and that she has had the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease since 2006. Next year, she will take time off …

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Apr 09

Onitsuka Chihiro, Back From The Dead (Again!)

Finally, Onitsuka Chihiro shows her face! A cover was released today for Onitsuka’s new single, X/Last Melody, set to drop May 20th. This is the first peep from her since her VEGAS CODE tour was cancelled last September due to “extreme fatigue.” The single was announced on March 13th, and with it a message from …

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