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Oct 18

[interview] Rika Ishikawa

Rika Ishikawa wears an H. Naoto dress adorned in illustrations by alternative artist Gashicon. A blue streak in her hair and heavily applied eye shadow signify darkness and rebellion. Feathery false eyelashes extend far past her petite face and make a rustling sound every time she blinks. Ishikawa is dressed as Angry, her persona in …

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Nov 12

[press release] JapanFiles to release Hangry & Angry’s new CD Sadistic Dance

November 12, 2009 – JapanFiles will release Hangry & Angry’s new CD Sadistic Dance on December 15, 2009. The new album from the duo (portrayed by Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa) contains 10 tracks, including the new single “Top Secret,” plus remixes of tracks from their mini-album Kill Me Kiss Me, and a special “h&A …

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