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Dec 05

[live report] Creature Creature– The Anti-Mood Stabilizer

I’m a very moody person. Make a lame joke and I’ll be giggling in an instant. Say one off-color comment and I’ll explode in your face. Mention dead puppies and I’ll start bawling. Maybe that’s why a band like Creature Creature, that changes emotions on a dime, is just right for me. Look at any …

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Sep 16

[review] SPEED: SPEEDLAND~The Premium Best Re Tracks~

Speed stole the thunder from its own CD. The seminal Speed girls, now in their 20s and reunited for the long term, sing mature reinterpretations of their teenage anthems of friendship and growing up in Speedland~The Premium Best Re Tracks~. But since we’ve already heard them perform those songs as adults—mostly live, but sometimes in …

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Jul 15

[press release] Creature Creature Live Tour Continues

Courtesy of Threshgold Management

Creature Creature just announced the continuation of their Simone and the Wrath Tour which started this past June in Osaka and Tokyo. Comprised of Morrie (ex-Dead End) on vocals,  Hiro (ex-La’cryma Christi) and Shinobu (ex-Guy’s Family) on guitars, Hitoki (ex-Kuroyume) on bass, and Sakura (ex-Zigzo) on drums, Creature Creature carries on with the same line …

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Jul 02

[live report]Creature Creature's Imperial Wrath in Tokyo


Photos by Toshikazu Oguruma Ok, here’s the deal. Normally, I would stall with some sort of quip about a band’s name, or the song titles, or their hair, or any other low-blow filler that seems to be the only way I can start an article. But not this time. No, boys and girls, that would …

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