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Apr 21

The Recession Hits Hard

I wasn’t buying into this “so-called” recession that those liberal types in the media have been trying to sell us until I heard news that Korea can no longer afford Gackt. According to his website the Korean sponsors of his latest tour have pulled funding, forcing him to cancel his planned May 18th performance. It’s …

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Apr 10

Gackt – Dears Official Overseas Questionnaire

Check out the English (Engrish) questionnaire over at the Dears official fan club.  What would be their first order of business if they wanted to successfully open an overseas Dears branch?  Hire a better translator. I was particularly baffled by this question. “11. What would you like to buy if you can get overseas goods …

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Mar 31

Kamen Rider Gackt – Journey through a Boyhood Dream

What does every little boy and/or middle aged man dream of being a part of? In the USA that might be Superman, but in Japan that dream would be Kamen Rider. And Gackt is one step closer to his dream, singing with passable fervor the lyrics written by Fujibayashi Shoko for the opening theme of …

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Mar 29

Weeeeeee're Baaaaack!

Yup. Here it is. Purple SKY in the digital flesh. How exciting! To take advantage of the new format, I’ve made a video to demonstrate how GACKT’s song GHOST haunts me. Enjoy!

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