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Oct 11

[photo] Zazen Boys @ Irving Plaza 10/10/10

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Oct 04

[live report + interview] Close Encounters of the BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Kind

If (or when) cyborg aliens ever crash land to earth, demanding to steal the pinnacle of human technology, I ‘m not going to show them NASA’s most advanced rocket or the creepy robot that can lie. I wouldn’t even show them the iPad. No, I would hand them the band BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, particularly fresh …

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Oct 01


For a band that started in Europe and has toured with Moby and Garbage, Over and Over is long overdue. Their first US release greatest hits album spans over a decade of electronic beats from 1997 to 2007. The tracks are all newly remixed, retaining the original flavor with a kick of spice. That is, …

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May 28

[review] Miu Sakamoto – Phantom Girl

Phantom Girl, like Miu Sakamoto’s singing, is hauntingly perfect in the clarity of the instruments and depth of layering sounds. The silent pauses in each track echo the emotions in her voice. The low key electro-pop instrumentals of Phantom Girl are thanks to producer Dave Liang of the Shanghai Restoration Project; the small doses of …

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Jan 04

[interview] Gossip from the Acid Queen: AYAKA IKIO

It’s only been a year since Ayaka Ikio’s RE: Acid Queen debuted on January 14, 2009.  Now into her second album, GOSSIP, her high energy electro-pop and trance still tears up the dance floor without that Hello Kitty cuteness that saturates so much of Japan’s pop scene. purple SKY: Your style is definitely based in …

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