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Jul 07

Cocco and more Cocco

Nearly two years after her last single, authentic and eccentric music talent Cocco will release her first digital EP. The currently unnamed collection is a conceptual one consisting of four songs connected to the seasons. It will go on sale August 15, the same day Cocco releases her new book, Cocco-san no daidokoro, and performs …

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Jul 02

[vault review] Cocco: Sangrose

Articles about The Shins often mention the scene in Garden State in which Natalie Portman hands her headphones to actor-director Zach Braff and says, “Listen to this; it will change your life.” In some alternate universe where Mr. Braff is a huge J-rock fan, he could have written the scene about Cocco, and music writers …

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Mar 29

[Review] alan: Gunjou no Tani

This release ought to be billed as Cocco featuring alan. For penning Chinese pop singer alan’s eighth Japanese single, Gunjou no Tani, Okinawan alt-pop queen Cocco gets almost as much billing as the artist herself—she’s mentioned on the front side of the CD spine, and her message appears alongside alan’s on the back cover. But …

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