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Apr 19

[Review] Hamasaki Ayumi: Next Level

If you’re interested in purchasing Hamasaki Ayumi’s 10th album, Next Level, and don’t know which of the four versions—ranging from the plain CD to a blinged-out, 6800-yen USB stick—to buy, go for the 2CD+DVD package. It’s the only one that includes the singer’s first live CD, an attraction that is better than the uneventful feature …

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Apr 08

Album Titles of the Visual PersuAsian

Now that I’m back into doing research for purple SKY articles, I have had to wade through a ridiculous number of ridiculous CD titles. My favorites this week come from the land of visual kei, where pomp and circumstance could be misinterpreted as pump that circumcision. Nightmare: majestical parade Release date: May 13, 2009 In …

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