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Jun 13

[live report] Ayabie – Awkwardly Adorable at A-kon 23

Ayabie is like the Zooey Deschanel of visual kei.  They have the same sunny disposition and vintage Bohemian fashion sense.  They also exhibit the kind of awkwardness that is endearing rather than uncomfortable to watch, because hiding underneath it is self-assuredness.  At the end of the day they are still pros, as they proved to …

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Jun 03


First time to introduce J-Rock to the world via USTREAM by Japanese music organizations! Sync Music Japan, a collaborative effort of three Japanese music organizations, will broadcast live performances via Ustream by artists such as Mucc, Girugamesh and Plastic Tree. A major project to help Japanese artists to reach out to the world is now …

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Apr 08

Ayabie in the Big Leagues

Exciting news…Well, somewhat exciting news which is not all that exciting. Indie VK darlings Ayabie’s hotly anticipated major debut single has a name, a release date and a jacket art collaboration that should please their female fanbase. The single is called Aitakute and will be released on May 25th with jacket artwork by none other …

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