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  2. [live report] L’Arc-en-Ciel – Fulfilling a Teenage Dream — July 2, 2012
  3. [live report] LiSA – Not Just a Fictitious Anime Band Voice — June 19, 2012
  4. [live report] A Pleasant Nightmare Brought to You by Matenrou Opera — June 5, 2012
  5. INORAN – A Little Less LUNA SEA, a Little More “Nevermind” — May 4, 2012

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May 02

[live report] La’Mule – My '90s Visual Kei Fantasy Realized

If a magical visual kei genie appeared before me right now, granting me one wish, I know exactly what I would want: to travel back in time to the mid-90s. I can give up the instant intellectual gratification of Wikipedia and the oversharing aspect of Facebook for a couple of days just to do a …

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Apr 04

[live report] Versailles – Born in the 17th Century

There was a sketch back in the ‘90s, when Saturday Night Live was a respected comedy outlet, called “Goth Talk.” In one edition of this satirical talk show, Chris Kattan’s character mutters in a waif-like voice, “We should have been born in the 17th century.” Every time I hear the band Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- (formerly …

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Feb 15

[live report] the GazettE–A Live for the GazettE Virgins

I may remember January 14, 2012 as the day I discovered the soft, gooey, gross affection I have for the GazettE. That’s right folks, a live performance made me like a band I had never really heard before. All signs pointed to disliking this band simply for the fact that they’re a new school, post-Dir …

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Feb 08

[live report] SUGIZO Lives Long and Prospers

If there’s ever a time to do the Vulcan Salute outside a Star Trek convention, it’s at a SUGIZO concert. The guitarist, violinist, and songwriter started doing the Salute during LUNA SEA shows back in the day. And for some reason fans have adopted it as the most logical way of greeting him. Perhaps it’s …

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Jan 30

[live report] fade –You Can’t Compare Apples and Fried Chicken

I have to make a promise upfront; I will not compare fade’s vocalist Jon to his alter ego in YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz. Still,there is bound to be some overlap in the melodies at the very least. After all, they are the same person. Maybe I can’t exactly promise that. Perhaps a more reasonable pledge here …

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