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  1. [live report] Ayabie – Awkwardly Adorable at A-kon 23 — June 13, 2012
  2. [review] THE LAST DAYBREAK by exist†trace — October 28, 2011
  3. [live report] D – Dramatic Echoes @ A-kon 22 — July 13, 2011
  4. [review] Star by Mika Nakashima — December 6, 2010

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Jun 13

[live report] Ayabie – Awkwardly Adorable at A-kon 23

Ayabie is like the Zooey Deschanel of visual kei.  They have the same sunny disposition and vintage Bohemian fashion sense.  They also exhibit the kind of awkwardness that is endearing rather than uncomfortable to watch, because hiding underneath it is self-assuredness.  At the end of the day they are still pros, as they proved to …

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Oct 28

[review] THE LAST DAYBREAK by exist†trace

THE LAST DAYBREAK opens with a primal call from Jyou, but instead of singing in her trademark growling alto, she keeps her voice light and clear in “Daybreak ~Jyusan gatsu no shikisai.”  Unexpected moves like these are the highlight of exist†trace’s new album.  Guitarists Miko and Omi still grind out heavy riffs that complement Naoto’s …

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Jul 13

[live report] D – Dramatic Echoes @ A-kon 22

At A-kon 22′s Q&A session for the visual kei band D on June 11, vocalist Asagi revealed that they chose their name based on the feeling the letter evoked, which was akin to an echo. But from their previous night’s performance—their first U.S. performance, D might as well have stood for drama. Clad in black corseted …

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Dec 06

[review] Star by Mika Nakashima

At first glance, Mika Nakashima’s sixth studio album, Star, is familiar. It contains her latest six singles and their B-sides, It kicks off with “Always,” which is the kind of ballad she is well-known for singing. Even the cover is typical Nakashima style—dreamy gaze, glowing complexion, simple yet elegant hair and make-up. Star, however, is …

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