Jun 18

[press release] L.A.'s UTB Music TV to Extend J-Pop Video Show

June 17, 2012 – Los Angeles television station UTB 18.2 will extend the on-air time of its J-Pop music program, “UTB Music TV”.

Beginning July 7, 2012, UTB 18.2 will air new episodes of the music video program for 30 minutes every Saturday from 10pm – 10:30pm, with repeats at various times every weekday.

“UTB Music TV” features music videos by Japanese artists from a variety of genres, including J-Pop, Visual Kei, R&B, Hard Rock, Idols, and more. Recent shows have showcased such artists as B’z, May’n, LM.C, AI, w-inds, Dreams Come True, Lolita23Q, and The Possible.

UTB 18.2 is the only 24-hour Japanese television station in the United States, featuring Japanese programming with English subtitles (drama, news, variety) for the Southern California area.

UTB Music TV information: