Jan 26

[review] By My Side – Hemenway

“By My Side” starts out as a very generic pop-rock song.   While it’s catchy,  you kinda cruise through the first 2 minutes of the new NARUTO Shippuden end theme by Hemenway.  But there’s a little hint of something great in the chorus, a sweet falsetto at the end.  And then you get to the end and fall into a whole lot of awesome; a 30 second high signaled by cymbals crashing  and Isaac’s lovely falsetto on refrain.

There’s surprising range on the other two tracks, “Dust” and “Dear Junior,” including a deeper vocal tone that is completely missing from “By My Side.”  The intro to “Dear Junior” is funky and cool.  That plodding word-pause-word-pause bit may be hokey at first, but it gets better.  The guitar bits come alive in contrast and there’s even a shreddy guitar solo, some dueling, and counterpoint going on.

Hemenway could be more than just another street in Boston.  There’s great songwriting potential, a good vocalist and some interesting genre mixing.   And don’t skip the instrumental version of “By My Side,” because that guitar really does fly.

Official Hemenway website – http://www.hemenway.jp/