Jan 25

[press release] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Greatest Hits Album

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION will be releasing their very first greatest hits album consisting 17 songs from their 6 full albums and 2 mini albums, added with their brand new song “Marching Band”.

Concurrently with the Japan release, the album is now available in the US through iTunes and Amazon.

Not only in Japan, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION has gained international popularity through features on various animation films including:

“Far and Beyond” (track 1) – opening theme song to NARUTO
“Rewrite” (track 5) – opening theme song to Fullmetal Alchemist
“A Town in Blue” (track 10) – theme song to Taiyo Matsumoto’s animation film Tekkon Kinkreet
“After Dark” (track 11) – opening theme to BLEACH


Now available on iTunes and Amazon
1. Far and Beyond
2. Piece of the Future
3. Understand
4. A Flower Named You
5. Rewrite
6. To Your Town
7. Loop & Loop
8. Black Out
9. Blue Train
10. A Town in Blue
11. After Dark
12. Rock’n Roll, Morning Light Falls On You
13. Mustang
14. Fujisawa Loser
15. Love songs of new century
16. Soranin
17. Marching Band

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Official website – http://www.asiankung-fu.com/eng/