Oct 28

[review] THE LAST DAYBREAK by exist†trace

THE LAST DAYBREAK opens with a primal call from Jyou, but instead of singing in her trademark growling alto, she keeps her voice light and clear in “Daybreak ~Jyusan gatsu no shikisai.”  Unexpected moves like these are the highlight of exist†trace’s new album.  Guitarists Miko and Omi still grind out heavy riffs that complement Naoto’s rumbling bass, but over them they layer soaring melodies and hazy reverb.

“Little Mary to Utsukushiki Nikushimi no Danube”  shows off the band’s whimsical side with a synthesized waltz and Miko’s girlish voice in the intro.  Mally continues a three-count beat while Jyou and Miko provide a conversation between experience versus youth.  The fairy tale does not end happily, however, as the guitars and violin plunge the song into a dissonant nightmare.  Exist†trace unveil their vulnerable side in “Kimi no masshiro na hane.”   Omi’s guitar cries along with Jyou, who is not afraid to let her voice tremble in the last few notes.  It is a quiet but potent end to THE LAST DAYBREAK.

The album title indicates a beginning of an end, but on the cover, the band members are firmly rooted in their determined poses.  With an upcoming U.S. tour and a new album that shows off their growth as songwriters, it is safe to say that exist†trace are not close to being finished.

exist†trace Official Websitehttp://www.exist-trace.com/
exist†trace on JapanFileshttp://www.japanfiles.com/existtrace.html

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  1. Sarah

    Great review, Jen! I haven’t listened to ET in awhile and will have to pick this one up.

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