Oct 12

[photo] The Pillows @ Gramercy Theater

[svgallery name="pillows_2011"]

I Think I Can
Mr. Droopy
Carnival Blues
Drive Monster
Rookie Jet
Instant Music
Comic Sonic
Funny Bunny
Swanky Street
Crazy Sunshine
One Life
Little Busters
Hybrid Rainbow
After the Rain

Ride On a Shooting Star
Last Dinosaur


  1. Rob

    Hmm… something smells fishy here! I was there and know that the Pillows’ management weren’t allowing any photos to be taken. In addition to that, their tour manager forwarded me this same exact photos, stating that they were taken by the bands’ official photographer.

    1. Kathy Chee

      What’s fishy about these photos? They ARE the official photos that are being sent out by management. We just put up what they sent.

  2. Simko

    September 11, 2011′s NAP tour at New York’s Gramercy/Blender theatre was a welcome success.
    NAP (NOODLES, ALL AGES, PILLOW) were the bands performing.
    South American webmagazine and Web Radio, COLECTIVO BUNKA and I were allowed to participate in a pre show interview with Noodles and The Pillows.
    I hope they return to NY again. They put on a brilliant performance deserved to be enjoyed more than once every three years.

    ** On a special note Noodles is commemerating their 20th year as a band this week with three consecutive shows in Shibuya, Japan. Let’s give them wishes for another 20 strong year.

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