Oct 24

[interview] BORN to Rock Nekocon 2011

Almost three years after they first performed at Onicon in Texas, BORN is back in North America for Virginia’s Nekocon. With a new single, “Psycho Diva,” BORN continues to mix up pop choruses with thrashy metal riffs and growling counter vocals. Nekocon 2011 will take place on November 4th-6th at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia.

pSKY: It’s been two years since you last performed in America, how have you grown since then?

RYOGA: Our music has gained more depth and our live performances are significantly crazier than two years ago.
K: Each member has a definitive role in the band now.
Ray: A single mind.
KIFUMI: The atmosphere surrounding us is stronger.
TOMO: We are more closely united.

pSKY: You just released an album in June and a new single in September. Are you working on a new album already? Can you give us some insight on what we can expect from a new album?

RYOGA: Yes, we’re working on a new album already. It will be BORN`s hard music, more evolved from the last one.
K: you can expect a keen music sense of BORN. Ray: It is hard to explain in the words. You’ll just have to listen and feel.
KIFUMI: Don`t think, just listen to my bass.
TOMO: Our range will be wider.

pSKY: When do you have time to relax? What do you do with your free time (if you have any free time at all)?

RYOGA: I sleep or go out for a walk.
K: I watch movies.
Ray: Shopping!
KIFUMI: I go out and look for excitement.
TOMO: Watch movies.

pSKY: What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?

RYOGA: Plum liquor or beer.
K: Shochu.
Ray: Beer.
KIFUMI: Cocktail.
TOMO: Red wine.

pSKY: You’re performing at an anime convention. How do you think your music ties into anime?

RYOGA: I think there is a great similarity between the fantastic world that animation creates and the unreal world which visual kei lives in.
K: The gorgeous look and style.
Ray: They both have created their own world.
KIFUMI: The amazing characteristics an anime character has can be similar to what a band player has to create on stage and in the music.
TOMO: Both have a story.

PSKY: Do you have a favorite anime/manga?

Ray: SAINT SEIYA (聖闘士星矢).

pSKY: You’ll be sharing a stage with some big name acts at V-rock Festival 2011. Have you performed at festivals before? Do you hang around to listen to the other acts? If yes, who are you most perform?

RYOGA: We’ve never performed for a stage like V-rock Festival before. I listen to other artists. I’m excited to see ALI PROJECT.
K: Yes, I’m excited to see SOPHIA.
Ray: I’m excited to see MUCC.
TOMO: I’m excited to see YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz.

PSKY: Who are some of your musical influences?

RYOGA: Marilyn Manson, Rammstein.
K: LUNA SEA, Guns N’ Roses.
KIFUMI: L’Arc~en~Ciel.
TOMO: LUNA SEA, Nirvana, Slipknot, and Marilyn Manson.

PSKY: What can fans expect from your upcoming performance? Will you be performing your new single, “Psycho Diva?”

RYOGA: You can expect BORN to give the most aggressive performance of any band from Japan. Whether we’ll perform “Psycho Diva”, I don`t know. You’ll have to come and see.
K: Our performance will be powerful.
Ray: We will show you our performance, it`s one and only.
KIFUMI: Come see BORN at the venue!
TOMO: Come experience our US performance.

pSKY: Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

RYOGA: We become fussy and make noise.
K: I breathe deeply and put spirit into myself.
Ray: I go off alone and listen to music.
KIFUMI: we tease each other.
TOMO: I just smoke cigarettes.

pSKY: Leave a message for your fans.

RYOGA: This time we’re coming to see you, so next time you come to Japan for us too!
K: Listen to our CD and enjoy the LIVE performance.
Ray: I want to keep exceeding fan expectations.
KIFUMI: I love you!
TOMO: Please keep your eye on BORN.

Nekocon Website – http://www.nekocon.com/
Tainted Reality Website – http://www.taintedreality.net/
Official BORN Website – http://www.indie-psc.com/born/


  1. Kaitlynn Miller

    MAN I wish I could have gone to the Q & A. I woulda had two questions. One, how did they get ‘discovered’ and two, “CAN I GET A HUG~?” lolol.

    I saw both concerts, Fri and Sat. And admittedly, Sat night, when Ryoga came down to the end of the stage near the middle, he was reaching out and touched my friends hands, but like, GRABBED mine, then came back down later and did it AGAIN to my other hand. And I swear, he pointed to me and had full eye contact while he sang. Then we got my poster autographed by them all, and he seemed pretty damn excited that I was there, maybe recognized me from the crowd? But my friend said she felt sorry for the poor guy who was in line right behind me, because he got brushed off because Ryoga apparently watched me move down the table. He winked at me, I felt amazing. <3

    BORN, you guys are amazing! I love you!!

  2. Melissa W.

    Born was great friday night at the neko con ( the only consort of theirs i saw, regretfully!!) It was so great we fans cried out for an encore! Not only did they deliver it, they gave us 30 more min.s of awesome rock fun! I’d def. follow ‘em to japan, india( eat the same kind of curry), or wherever if i could! I even went to their Q & A afterwards, IT WAS PACKED! xD If i could tell the band just one thing it would be to Rock on BORN! Keep doing what you do and come see us again real soon!!!

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