Jun 20

[review] TRUE – exist†trace

Exist†trace continues to defy traditional stereotypes with their major label debut, TRUE. As an all-female band, the slick cover art is anything but girly and while Jou’s alto growl is almost nonexistent, the music remains fast and hard with spine tingly melody shifts. TRUE opens with a heavy, rumbling promise to keep to their roots despite the major label upgrade. The album races, the only break being an out of place jazz number, “Kiss in the dark,” that should have been titled miss in the dark. “Jiyuu no Sora, Chijou no Uta” is the last track on the all too short album and perhaps the catchiest. It sounds ‘90s era visual kei inspired (ala Luna Sea), with clear guitar notes that linger and whine. Jou’s voice carries the melody and the guitar backs her up. The style highlights her ability to sing in a higher range without sounding strained or cute and all the instrumentals just flow together, running forward without a space of breath in-between. I listened to it four times over and if exist†trace can keep this pace up, they may just break through the male-dominated glass ceiling of visual kei.

Official exist†trace webpage – http://www.exist-trace.com/
exist†trace at Japanfiles – http://www.japanfiles.com/existtrace/