May 10

[photo] Berryz Kobo @ Sakuracon

The seven-member Hello! Project idol group Berryz Kobo made their American performance debut at Sakura-Con 2011 for an audience of 3500 fans. Fans traveled from all over the world including multiple parts of the USA, plus Canada, France, Mexico, and Japan to support the pop vocal group who is celebrating their 7th year together.

Berryz Kobo members kept busy during the April 22-24 weekend, appearing at the event’s opening and closing ceremonies, participating in a live audience Q&A and two separate 60-minute sessions where they accepted gifts from fans and signed autographs for Sakura-Con attendees. At the HelloStoreUSA booth, Berryz Kobo signed a 6-foot banner and 7 hand-written messages in support of their USA CD release and American-based merchandise store. Group Captain Saki Shimuzu appeared at the booth on Sunday April 24 to announce the raffle winners and to personally inscribe the winner’s name on the vinyl banner.

The highlight of the weekend for Berryz Kobo fans was Saturday night’s hour-long live concert which featured songs spanning their entire career. Fans waited in line for hours before the concert and participated with the
performers during the show with high-energy chants, shouts, and choreography.

Sakura-Con attendees contributed over $1887 to Japan Relief at the Berryz Kobo booth during the three-day event. In addition, Berryz Kobo members donated wristbands and autographed posters to Sakura-Con’s annual charity fund-raising auction, raising an additional $850.

Set List:

Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu
Special Generation
Heroine ni Narou ka
Shining Power
Piriri to Yukou
Happiness -Koufuku Kangei-
Tsukiatteru no Kataomoi
Berry Fields
Maji Bomber!
Icchoume Rock!
Otakebi Boy WAO!
(Encore) All For One and One For All

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