Mar 29

[press release] T.M. Revolution STAND UP! **JAPAN** Charity Project!

T.M.Revolution, Takanori Nishikawa has announced on his official twitter account (@TMR15) that he would be having his charity event on Wednesday, March 30th at Zepp Tokyo, however by seeing more and more tragedy everyday, and the rolling blackout carried out by TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY due to power shortages, accepting the reality sincerely, he has come to an conclusion of not having an event at a large venue that gathers many people.

However, while starting the “STAND UP! JAPAN Central Community Chest of Japan”, Takanori Nishikawa discussed with the committee if there could be any other way to deliver his hope to the disaster victims and people all over Japan in another way, on Saturday, April 2nd, in Tokyo, he decided to do a real-time streaming through internet to help the victims of the earthquake. Answering to Takanori Nishikawa’s announcement, many artists have shown their support through twitter. They may be appearing on show, and products will be sold at Yahoo! Auction for charity.

The time and the way to watch, details will be announced on official Home-page of “STAND UP! JAPAN Central Community Chest of Japan”. http://standupjapan.org/

{Message from Takanori Nishikawa}

I would like to express my condolence to all the victims of the earthquake. Hearing the tragedy everyday, I felt strongly in my heart “I want to do something”, “I want to send something”. Having fellows with the same thoughts, I started the charity project “STAND UP! JAPAN Central Community Chest of Japan” to build our feelings into shape. To help the people suffering from damage, and to recover from earthquake a day earlier as possible, “STAND UP! JAPAN Central Community Chest of Japan” will keep on moving by the support of the many people who assists us.

Now is the time to unite our feelings! Let’s stand up Japan! “STAND UP! JAPAN”

Official Twitter for STAND UP! JAPAN (Account: @standupjpn)- http://twitter.com/standupjpn

Takanori Nishikawa Official Twitter - http://twitter.com/tmr15

Yahoo! JAPAN Charity Auction Page

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  1. Sarah

    This is really a great thing Nishikawa-san is doing for Japan. I can’t wait to tune in on Saturday!

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