Dec 20

[live report] The Gazette -TOUR 10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS in Okayama

On November 12th the Gazette’s “TOUR 10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS” tour rolled into the Okayama Civic Hall.  The show was originally scheduled for August but was rearranged due to Ruki’s throat problems over the summer.  If any fans were worried that this would hinder the bands performance, then the two and a half hour music assault from Gazette proved those fears unfounded.

Dressed in a sparkling white suit that was perfectly highlighted by the impressive light show, Ruki commanded the stage and played the crowd to perfection.  His voice was a little strained at the higher register but otherwise was strong as he switched between melodic vocals and deep growls.

New songs such as ‘RED’ were greeted with enthusiasm by the crowd but it was older songs such as ‘Ruder’ and ‘COCKROACH’ that really saw the crowd explode in a flurry of hand waving.  The crowd knew all of the routines, all of the words and exactly what to expect from the performance.  At times it was hard to focus on the stage because you wanted to watch the fans who were on their knees in the aisles, headbanging with every bit of energy they had.

There wasn’t much interaction between Ruki and the crowd throughout the main part of the concert, his MC sections kept to a few sentences and mainly were about the bands return to Okayama. Kai and Reita expressed their joy at being back in Okayama during the encore.

The concert may have been three months late but it would have been difficult to find any fans who cared.  The Gazette is a fierce and well practiced group that has a deep connection with their devoted fans.  Three months, three days or three years, the wait to see Gazette perform was well worth it.