Oct 01


For a band that started in Europe and has toured with Moby and Garbage, Over and Over is long overdue. Their first US release greatest hits album spans over a decade of electronic beats from 1997 to 2007. The tracks are all newly remixed, retaining the original flavor with a kick of spice. That is, they’re new if you didn’t pick up the best of album 19972007 back in January. Over and Over is a repeat of the first disc on Boom Boom Satellite’s Japanese release greatest hits album from January 27, 2010.

It’s a good attempt by Sony to infuse some Japanese flavor (other than your typical Jpop and Jrock fare) into the US market. Over and Over starts out big with “Kick it Out” and “What Goes Round Comes Around.” Both tracks are full of fast beats reminiscent of The Chemical Brothers, but with BBS’s precise work mixing in and mixing out various instruments and sounds. “Looking Glass,” a 1 minute ambient noise interlude, could easily have been replaced by something meatier.  But the meat does come immediately after.

“Pill” is catchy, dirty and dark like your best NIN club track from the Downward Spiral.  The Portishead-esque “Light My Fire” segue ways the album into a more down tempo kind of listening pleasure. And this is where BBS really shines, mixing in different vocal tracks, playing with sounds, noise and dragging it out across a downbeat. It leaves you swaying and itching to move while knowing the next track may just drag out the auditory joy even longer.

It’s a shame that Sony didn’t just release 19972007 in the US. The second disc rounds out the tracklist from the first disc. Their first single, “Push Eject,” and their Dark Knight feature, “Scatterin’ Monkey,” are both on the second disc of 19972007. For now, US audiences will just have to spin this CD Over and Over.

Official Website – http://www.bbs-net.com