Oct 26

[interview] Return of the Aural Vampire

They live to bleed your ears of sound for their own viral music, a catchy/campy mix of RAVEMAN’s electronic mashes and Exo-chika’s siren voice. The pop-electronic duo pulls you in and before you can blink, Aural Vampire is in your city, eating your brains and making you dance. We caught up with the group before their North American tour with The Birthday Massacre to ask a few questions via email; a good way to avoid being bitten.

pSKY: What is a Zoltank?

Exo-chika: The album title is one we chose more for the feeling other than any particular meaning.  I’ts sort of an onamonapia in the way that words like ‘tsuru-tsuru’ (slick) or ‘doro-doro’(thick) are used.  This album is ‘zoru-zoru’ (tossed together like a salad).

RAVEMAN: This album isn’t made up of songs that came from us deciding to make an album. It’s an album made mostly of songs that came from different ideas we had already made. Because there are various different styles of music mixed together on the album, we used the word ‘zoru-zoru’ together with ‘tank’ to express the image.

pSKY: The album cover art is unique, what is the inspiration behind the cover art?

RAVEMAN: Its intention is to spread the aesthetic of industrial music through the pop scene. The cover art features, in line with the conventions of industrial music, the image of a factory and the beautiful decay aesthetic. We wanted to express this, despite the fact we’re on a mainly pop music label (Avex).

pSKY: You’ve mentioned influences such as the Cure. What artists are you listening to now and are there any new artists who have really impressed you?

Exo-chika: There is lots of music that moves me, from all different genres. I really like the Japanese enka (folk song) singer Mizora Hibari.

RAVEMAN: I used to listen to a lot of older music, like new wave and disco. Lately I’ve become interested in music that makes the best of the latest in electronics. Within abstract hip-hop, dub-step and drum n’ bass music, there are new forms of music that could be called industrial dance music, I think.

pSKY: RAVEMAN, tell us a bit about your studio setup and gear. What DAW, VSTS, software or hardware do you use to make your music?

RAVEMAN: At the moment I use Cubase 5. For software I use things like Massive as a standard. I was a relative latecomer to making electronic music with a computer, so I’m still learning the basics and inputting the information about new software into my head.

pSKY: Exo-chika, is it hard to sing with fangs? What conditioner do you use to keep your hair so shiny?

Exo-chika: My fangs don’t get in the way at all! I can do all ~sorts~ of things, and I can eat all sorts of things too. I use all different kinds of shampoo and treatments, but when I dry my hair I use ‘vine’ dryers!

pSKY: You recently appeared at a fashion show with Atelier Pierrot at Anime Matsuri. How was the experience? Did you design some of the pieces?

Exo-chika: The design and co-ordination of the outfit was all done by Ateleier Pierrot. Appearing in the show was lots of fun! I was able to do my own make-up to match my clothes, so I did it differently than how I usually wear make-up. That was fun too! I decorated around my eyes with gold angels and stuff. It was a great opportunity for me to try new things!

pSKY: This year you’re touring North America with The Birthday Massacre and Black Veil Brides. When did you meet these two bands and how was it decided to do a tour together?

Staff: Aural Vampire received a direct offer from the agency group. Exo-chika and RAVEMAN both liked The Birthday Massacre, so they replied right away that they would do it.

pSKY: Which cities are you most excited about visiting on this tour?

Exo-chika: I’m looking forward to all the places! But I’m also feeling a bit worried and nervous about it. But more than the places we’re going, I’m getting excited about meeting fans from lots of different places!

RAVEMAN: Since this is the first tour where we’re playing in a different place every day, I think I’ll receive lots of inspiration.

pSKY: Have you had much interaction with the gothic culture in North America? What is your opinion on it?

RAVEMAN: We’ve interacted with the gothic scene in Europe and the anime scene in America, but this is the first time we’ll be seeing the American gothic scene. The Japanese goth scene is very deeply rooted, but it’s not that big. I hope that if Aural Vampire connects to the foreign goth scene, Japan’s gothic scene will become bigger and stronger.

pSKY: Which place are you most looking forward to performing at?

RAVEMAN: All the places we are going to are unknown lands to me and I’m looking forward to them all. When I email fans from the USA, I always promise I’ll be able to tour through their state one day, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting this chance!

pSKY: What can fans expect at your upcoming shows? Any special message for your fans?

Exo-chika: I’m really looking forward to meeting all our fans. Charge yourself up and wait for us!

RAVEMAN: We’re going to have a show with music that you’ll rarely ever get a chance to experience live, so I really think everyone should come see us!

Special thanks to the readers of JrockNYC!
Official Aural Vampire website – http://auralvampire.com/index.html
Official Aural Vampire Myspace – http://www.myspace.com/auralvampire

US Tour Dates

Nov 03 2010 7:00P @ The Club at Firestone (Orlando, Florida)
Nov 04 2010 6:30P @ The State Theatre (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Nov 05 2010 7:00P @ The Masquerade (Atlanta, Georgia)
Nov 06 2010 6:00P @ The High Ground (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Nov 07 2010 7:00P @ White Rabbit (San Antonio, Texas)
Nov 08 2010 6:00P @ Warehouse Live-Studio (Huston, Texas)
Nov 09 2010 6:00P @ House Of Rock (Corpus Christi, Texas)
Nov 13 2010 6:00P @ Nile Theatre (Mesa, Arizona)
Nov 14 2010 6:00P @ House of Blues Anaheim (Anaheim, California)
Nov 15 2010 6:30P @ Soma Sidestage (San Diego, California)
Nov 17 2010 7:00P @ Slim’s (San Francisco, California )
Nov 18 2010 7:00P @ Hawthorne Theater (Portland, Oregon)
Nov 20 2010 6:30P @ Studio Seven (Seattle, Washington)
Nov 21 2010 6:00P @ The Big Easy (Boise, Idaho)
Nov 22 2010 6:30P @ Club Sound (Utah, Salt Lake)
Nov 23 2010 6:00P @ The Summit Music Hall (Denver, Colorado)
Nov 24 2010 5:00P @ People’s Court (Des Moines, Iowa)
Nov 26 2010 4:00P @ Harpo’s Concert Theatre (Detroit, Michigan)
Nov 27 2010 7:00P @ Expo Five (Louisville, Kentucky)

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  1. fallon elkins

    my name is fallon me and my little sister tori went to expo 5
    to see you guys(aural vampire)and i wanted to say we was thrilled that you came to play we love you guys to death and we wont ever forget that day i definitely wont it was the first concert i went to and i got to see you guys i am a huge fan my little sis know more bout you guys but thans for coming to play for us(everyone that was there to see you)and i love you guys
    i hope you come back to play here again

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