Jun 28

[press release] Japan's FAKE? is 'Switching On' International

Japanese rock band, FAKE?, releases Switching On X, the first international debut in their eight album history

The release of FAKE?’s Switching on X marks the first time the genre-defying band’s music is available anywhere outside of Japan.  With an eight year track record of success within their homeland, and a ravenous network of fans located all over the globe, FAKE? now partners with LA’s MusicTaste label to deliver the heavily anticipated Switching on X to its global audience.

Recorded in London, England, by acclaimed producer Martin Glover (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Dido) the album was birthed with an international identity.  Based in a foundation of rock, the album breathes overtones of electro meets alternative-industrial.  English lyrics and big, accessible, choruses – elements consistent with all of FAKE?’s music – are as present as ever in Switching on X.  Ranging from aggressive to beautiful, the avant-garde studio album can easily be recognized as the band’s most innovative, yet focused release to date.

With plans to invade the United States in late 2010 with a string of live performances in and around the anime community, FAKE? looks to expose their energetic live shows to a brand new American audience.  For many, FAKE?’s departure from Japan has been a long-time coming in regards to their musical and lyrical approach, having always been perceived as stylistically closer to acts from the US and the UK in comparison to their Japanese rock contemporaries.

When recently asked about a direction for the band, Lloyd stated, “We have the freedom to do whatever we want…’no direction’ is our direction.”  But make no mistake about it – Lloyd’s “no direction” plan is neither passive nor apathetic, but rather a calculated method to hold fast to the creative freedom that so many bands lose sight of when labeled with a concrete definition.

FAKE? (www.hedfuc.com)
Formed by Ken Lloyd of the already popular Oblivion Dust, and INORAN, guitarist of rock sensation Luna Sea, FAKE? was founded on the concept of having no boundaries.  Eight years later, FAKE? maintains success by staying true to that promise – offering engaging live performances, incorporating experimental musical elements, and singing lyrics in both English and Japanese.

MusicTaste (www.musictaste.com)
MusicTaste is an LA-based boutique record label housed within the Horipro Entertainment Group focused developing songwriters as artists, as well as exposing listeners to a wide variety of music from its global network of music publishers and record labels.