Feb 02

[press release] Ra:IN Tours the Americas

IMG_0785Ra:IN has its roots in British rock, but their cutting-edge music with heavy grooves has obtained many fans in Japan, Asia (Taiwan, China) and Europe. Ra:IN now has its sights set on the Americas with a 5 stop tour.

2010/2/28 (Sun): ” Fiesta Latina” San Jose/ COSTA RICA

2010/3/03 (Wed): “LANOCHE” Lima/ PERU   http://www.lanoche.com.pe

2010/3/05 (Fri): “TEATRO NORMANDIE” Santiago,CHILE

2010/3/06 (Sat): ” Inferno club” San Poulo/BRAZIL   http://www.infernoclub.com.br/

2010/3/10 (Wed): ” The Viper Room ” L.A.   http://www.viperroom.com/

Ra:IN Members
PATA (Guitar: X-Japan)
michiaki (Bass: TENSAW)
Tetsu (Drums: Red Warriors)
DIE (Keyboard: hide with Spread Beaver)

Ra:IN Official Website – http://www.rain-web.com/index-p.html
Ra:IN Official Myspace – http://www.myspace.com/rainwebspace