Jan 10

[photo] X Japan Filming in Hollywood on January 9, 2010

[svgallery name="xjapan_1"]

X Japan invited fans out to watch their filming of Endless Rain, I.V., Jade and Rusty Nail.
Photos courtesy of BAM! Marketing and YSK Entertainment.


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  1. Melinda aka: Dark Lady Amethyst

    OMG! I’m in one of the pics. I’m in the one with all the fans that’s in color and I’m wearing the Yoshiki t-shirt standing next to the girls holding the red X Japan sign. I came all the way from Indiana to see them and it was one of the best nights of my life. I met some interesting people and even made some new friends. It was great to see all the X Japan fans there supporting them. And I loved the glow sticks they gave out! The pyrotechnics and the lasers were visually fantastic and was done well. And they played with so much energy! I loved it! Hell, I didn’t want it to end! Much less have to leave to come back to cold Indiana. Lol! I hope they do succeed in doing a US concert this year. Wherever it may be, I’d be there! Forever X!!

  2. Klover

    wow it’s weird seeing myself on here! i wish it wasn’t in black and white though!

    1. Kytrax

      Which picture are you in? Give us some feedback on how the event went. We’re working on third party reports from the marketing company right now.

      1. Klover

        I’m the girl with the contacts and falls in the black and white pic holding the glow sticks

        The shooting was fun, there were a lot of really interesting people who came out to see the show, I met some people from Japan and Brazil there. They seemed to have a pretty elaborate set up with all the lasers and the helicopters, but it didn’t really get that visually interesting until after dark when you could see all the lights and pyro and everyone got the glow sticks. It was kind of disappointing that they were so high up though, all you really got to see was their feet, but overall it was a good time.

        1. kytrax

          I had a feeling it’d be more about getting to know other fans and stuff. The glow sticks in x’s was awesome to see though!

        2. kytrax

          OH, I forgot to ask. Do you want a copy of your picture? Email kathy@purpleskymagazine.com.

  3. Kytrax

    I’m glad they hired a professional to take the photos. The helicopter is particularly cool.

  4. Sarah

    Those are great! I know people who will want to see these.

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