Jan 20

[interview] MORNING GLORY, What's the Story?

artist-morning-glory2009Since 2003, MORNING GLORY has been telling stories with pop-punk finesse.  Honest problems meets honest music that might not have been able to grow in Tokyo, but flourishes in their home-base of Nagoya.

purple SKY: How has your musical style changed since you first formed the band in 2003?

RIMINA (guitar, vocals): I’ve never tried to change intentionally, but I think it’s become more pop because I started to try to make music that the listeners would remember.

KANAKO (bass, chorus): In the beginning, I just tried to make music that sounded cool and made me feel good. That was it! (laugh) Now, I think about how I can make a certain part better or what I can do with the rest in order to make the whole thing sound cool.

purple SKY: How do you feel being female affects your performance as a punk musician?

RIMINA: I think that males and females each have a different attraction or charm and that there’s no pro or con. I’m just me. I’m not sure if my female aspects affect my performance.

KANAKO: Hmm. Since there are not many female punk bands in Japan, I’d like to be the one and the only.

purple SKY: What is the meaning of the name “MORNING GLORY”? Why did you choose this name?

RIMINA: When our first live was scheduled, they asked our band name. That’s when I realized that we need a name! Our former drummer came up with MORNING GLORY. I didn’t know the meaning of it, but we decided on that because of how it sounded.

KANAKO: It was a quick decision because each word sounded cool.

RIMINA: Later, I found out that it’s a flower, morning glory, and I thought that’s great because it’s fresh.

artist-morning-glory2009-bpurple SKY: You wrote a song for the Gifu soccer team FC GIFU. If Rimina or Kanako played soccer against each other, who would win?

RIMINA: Kanako, because she’s athletic!

KANAKO: Of course, I would!

RIMINA: You have to kick the ball while you’re running, right? It’s just impossible! (laugh)

purple SKY: Why do you choose to include English in some of your lyrics?

RIMINA: I’ve listened to foreign music since I was a child, because of my father. It was natural for me to use English when I started the band. Now any language can be mixed. (laugh)

KANAKO: I naturally choose English, because all the music I like and listen to is in English.

purple SKY: In your live show, you perform a punk version of “Puff The Magic Dragon.” Why did you record this folk song?

RIMINA: The biggest reason is simply because I like it. Also I thought it’d be more interesting because of the contrast of style.

KANAKO: It was Rimina’s idea and it turned out to be exciting. It’s become a -must- during our live shows now.

purple SKY: What do you feel when you see your fans form a mosh pit to dance to your music?

RIMINA: I think some people like it and others don’t, but I can easily see that they are having fun and it lets me have fun too. But sometimes I worry if they get hurt. (laugh)

KANAKO: I’m worried too! But I’m glad because it shows that they are enjoying our music 100%.

purple SKY: What is the difference between the live-house audiences in Tokyo compared to Gifu/Nagoya?

RIMINA: Gifu is our home and Nagoya is our home-base as musicians, so of course more people know about MORNING GLORY there than in Tokyo. But the audience is the same. They are all friendly and warm.

KANAKO: Since we have less live shows in Tokyo than in Nagoya, I think the fans in Tokyo look forward to the shows even more.

purple SKY: What places or activities give you creative ideas?

RIMINA: I read books, watch movies, or play RPG games to feel everything from happiness to sadness. I also go for a walk to feel the season.

KANAKO: I make time just for myself to relax or look at my favorite photo books.

MorningGlory-JustOneWay-300purple SKY: What is the meaning of the video for “Remember?”

RIMINA: The lyrics of “Remember” include feelings of confusion and insecurity. I think it starts with realizing those feelings yourself before you can do anything about them. In the video, it is a story of a family where each member expresses unclear feelings and then starts to become a happy family.

KANAKO: For me, the message is to re-examine myself, rejuvenate, and smile.

purple SKY: There are so many indies bands in Japan. What is your strategy for finding new fans and sticking out from the crowd?

RIMINA: Please tell me how! (laugh) The objective plus strategy of MORNING GLORY is just to make good music and have fun shows!

KANAKO: I just think about making really cool music.

purple SKY: What books or movies do you like?

RIMINA: I don’t really like stories where everything goes well in the end, though it feels good at the time. I like stories that leave me with sad, painful or confused feelings. Even if it’s a fantasy, that’s more realistic. Also, I love animation movies!

KANAKO: I really like fantasies.

purple SKY: Please tell us about your next release.

KANAKO: It’s a MORNING GLORY-style collection of cover songs.

RIMINA: MORNING GLORY will take all of you on a music tour! It is a super fun cover album. It’s a surprise where we’ll take you.

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