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[interview] Gossip from the Acid Queen: AYAKA IKIO

Ikio-Ayaka-Re-Acid-Queen-press-photoIt’s only been a year since Ayaka Ikio’s RE: Acid Queen debuted on January 14, 2009.  Now into her second album, GOSSIP, her high energy electro-pop and trance still tears up the dance floor without that Hello Kitty cuteness that saturates so much of Japan’s pop scene.

purple SKY: Your style is definitely based in a female point of view. How would you describe your approach to creating your music?

AYAKA IKIO: The main image in my mind is a woman who doesn’t have to depend on a man for things. Someone who’s independent and strong. Personally, I’m not as independent as I would like to be, but I’m trying to be more independent.

purple SKY: Do you have any musical role models who match that prototype?

AYAKA IKIO: Namie Amuro, she has a strong spirit. And The Pussycat Dolls give out a really strong vibe that I like.

purple SKY: What was it like to record your first release RE: ACID QUEEN while you were still a college student?

AYAKA IKIO: It was a secret from most of the people who knew me, but I got a lot of support from my producers and the music team, especially Kumahara-san of Fantastic Plastic Machine.

purple SKY: What was the biggest surprise for you about the recording process?

AYAKA IKIO: There wasn’t anything in particular about the process itself, but it surprised me that there was no window in the studio. I sort of hoped there would be windows!

purple SKY: Why did you choose GOSSIP as the title of your second album?

AYAKA IKIO: After we finished recording, I listened to all the songs and that was the first title that popped into my mind. I wanted the title to have a scandalous feel to it, especially something specific to girls. So GOSSIP got that across and it was easy to remember.

purple SKY: Who creates the choreography for your music videos?

AYAKA IKIO: I work with a dance teacher and we come up with the moves together. We look at the lyrics of the song and we work together to find the moves to match it.


purple SKY: There are seven songs on GOSSIP. When you started recording, was that selection already decided or did you try out other songs that didn’t make it onto this album?

AYAKA IKIO: We decided on seven songs right from the start, so that’s what we ended up with. We plan a lot before we start in the studio, so it makes everything more focused and everyone’s energy stays really high.

purple SKY: Tell us about the balance of English and Japanese in your lyrics.

AYAKA IKIO: At first I was thinking about English lyrics since there are many English songs in the club scene, but I mixed in some Japanese so I could deliver my music to even more people.

purple SKY: Are you more comfortable performing in the Tokyo club scene?

AYAKA IKIO: There is a difference between lives in Tokyo and other regions. In Tokyo it’s very exciting, because there’s so many people and all of my friends come to the live. In other regions I don’t get to perform constantly, so I’m always glad to see the fans that have been waiting for me.

purple SKY: Many music fans in America are just starting to learn about Ayaka Ikio. Which song should they listen to first to understand your style?

AYAKA IKIO: “Get Out.” That’s the way I am in real life.

purple SKY: What is your favorite dessert?

AYAKA IKIO: Chocolate ice cream. I love it!

Download Ayaka Ikio music at JapanFiles Digital Music Store – http://www.japanfiles.com/ikioayaka
Ayaka Ikio Videos: “GET OUT” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVj7YEAzuJo
“Spin Me Round” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dgpiuiwSxY
Ayaka Ikio Official Homepage – http://www.ikio.jp/
Ayaka Ikio official MySpace page – http://www.myspace.com/ayakaikio


  1. Kytrax

    FPM is all over her music. All the instrumental tracks, the club drum and bass. Her second mini was less dance and more pop, but you could still feel the thump thump to it.

  2. boo

    Cool interview. How much do you hear Fantastic Plastic Machine’s influence in Ayaka’s music? I dig FPM.

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