Oct 27

[press release] Askew Magazine Presents Kiryu at PMX 2009

kiryuu_pmx2009_smbannerOctober 26, 2009 (Las Vegas) – Askew Magazine is pleased to announce that Japanese singer/songwriter Kiryu will be appearing at this year’s Pacific Media Expo in Los Angeles, CA, taking place over Veteran’s Day weekend (November 6-8). Kiryu will perform at a special afternoon concert on Saturday, November 7 at 1PM, entitled Hydraphonic, alongside Nobu Albatross and Lemon Drop Kick.

Kiryu will be available at the Askew Magazine booth throughout the weekend to sell merchandise, sign autographs, and pose for photo-ops. He will also take part in Askew Magazine’s “Independent Music in Japan” panel where he will discuss his past experiences and current projects. Learn more about the intricacies of the industry in Japan and about Kiryu himself and discover why music fans all over the world are tuning in.

Kiryu (桐龍)* is a Japanese artist with a unique sound that moves beyond basic rock, exploring what an artist can do for music, instead of what music can do for an artist. With a distinctive style and awareness as a vocalist, Kiryu creates music that sets him apart from other musicians. As singer/songwriter, his perseverance in the Japanese music industry has led to an eventful and successful career. Self-described as “sexy” music, his considerable experience and influence involves many types of music and the result can be seen in his music.

Currently based out of New Mexico, Kiryu hopes to make his mark on America using his musical style and sense of fashion. Recently releasing his first solo album, Hydra, he has already impressed music fans all over with his passion for music and his desire to share it with the world.

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