Oct 09

[press release] AN CAFE: BB Parallel World US Release

An Cafe BB Parellel World[Los Angeles, CA] – Maru Music Announces the release of BB Parallel World, the fourth full-length album from the visual kei superstars An Cafe.  This release is special as it contains a DVD with exclusive live performances and music videos which is expanded for the US version.  With three full-length albums and three EPs under their belt, An Cafe continue to deliver the up-beat and colorful songs that their fans have come to know and love.

BB Parallel World contains 11 tracks and features their latest singles, including “NATSU KOI [star] NATSU Game” and “My [heart] LEAPS FOR ‘C’”.  This album is complimented with a DVD which features a clip from their Tokyo Big Sight Live event this past May.  The DVD also features four music videos including the songs, “Escapism,” “MERRYMAKING,” “TEKSUTA KOUSEN” and “NATSU KOI [star] NATSU GAME.”

AN CAFE Official Website – http://www.ancafe-web.com/
Maru Music Official Website – http://www.marumusic.com/

This isn’t mentioned in the press release we received, but it looks like the US Release will be available at www.marumusic.com on October 20, 2009.