Aug 20

[review] HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR: Swamp Man

high-and-mighty-color-swamp-man_jacket-300HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’s debut album featuring new vocalist HALCA is a dam of pent up music waiting to be released. “Swamp man” rises from the water, a powerfully haunting intro that crescendos with the pain of new beginnings yet sounds like a dead mans march. The speaker asks, “Why do we exist?”

With Sony out of the picture, HMC has rediscovered their passion and the reasons for their existence. Swamp Man is a nostalgic mash up, an energetic exploration of all the past music that has made them what they are today.

The hardcore metal sound of Anti-Nobunaga is back and much more polished than when Sassy, Mackaz, Kazuto, Meg and Yusuke originally formed the band pre-Maaki. And the polish is slick, glossy and fantastic. “Fly me to the other moon” is a fast club anthem that demands you get up, dance and thrash. Speed metal riffs and HALCA’s electronic voice lift your hands towards the sky while the solid thump thump of drums and bass keep you firmly grounded on earth.

HALCA is still feeling out her place, not quite as strong as she could be on the metal inspired “Eyes” or “Goodbye” though she’s powerfully forceful on “Hate.” HMC hasn’t forgotten the rap rock that’s made them popular in the past either. “7.2” starts out acoustic, but quickly evolves into a catchy pop rock tune with a bit of metal thrown in at the end. HALCA’s rich tone complements Yusukes rapping and singing.

Why do we exist? For High and Mighty Color, for HALCA, for the Swamp Man that is their new album, existence will be an exploration of the great sounds inspired by metal, rap and pop that make HMC a unique band. Not yet able to shed the skin record labels have put them in, they’ll try to make you listen by playing this honest music that mixes their murky past and their bright future.

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR official website – http://hmc.spicemusic.jp/top.php
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