Aug 10

Rest in Peace, Jasmine You

Versailles Philharmonic Quintet released news early yesterday morning that their bassist, Jasmine You, passed away.   The abrupt news has caught members of the band and staff by surprise and everyone is doing their best to cope with this sad event.  The band has suspended activity for the time being and will be updating fans when more information is available.

2009.8.9 更新 「Versailles」より緊急のお知らせ

兼ねてより体調不良にてお休みをいただいておりましたJasmine Youですが、8月9日未明に永眠いたしました事をまずここにご報告させていただきます。あまりに突然な出来事に、メンバー・スタッフ共に今はまだ茫然と現実を受け入れることで精一杯です。



[translation taken from Jrocknyc]
Though Jasmine You had taken time off in order to rest because of poor physical condition, we received a report that early in the morning on August 9th, he died. Because of the extreme abruptness of this news, the members and staff are all dumbfounded and trying hard to accept this it.

As soon as his family has been notified and updated as to the details and we receive their permission, we will further report to all of the fans.

Moreover, with the current announcement, in regards to activity, please allow us to postpone it.

Rest in peace.

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  1. Kizuna

    RIP Jasimine, you made a gorgeous woman and bassist. I will miss your music. I cried when I found out, rest in peace. I hope where ever you go will be filled with music and happiness.

  2. Kathy Chee

    I never knew the person, but I can remember their performance. I remember standing in an empty Knitting Factory while the band did sound check. Jasmine was still in plain clothes, but his hair and makeup were done and it was such a strange juxtaposition of feminine and masculine.

  3. Sarah

    I’m extremely shocked and saddened. I only knew him briefly, but he seemed to be a committed musician and an overall decent human being.

  4. Meg

    the news shocked me! Its so sad. he was an amazing bassist and will definitely be missed

  5. boo

    This is sad news. I never got to meet the man, but he was a great entertainer and I have no doubt he’ll be remembered fondly by those his music and performances touched.

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