Jul 02

[review] SID: Hikari

sid-hikariHikari sheds little new light on SID’s musical style.  Jazzy pop rock with predictable key changes and sweetly dramatic ballads litter their first major label release with Sony Music.

SID is talented; they blend jazz, rock, pop, rockabilly and bits of ska.  “Mousou Nikki 2″ is a perfect example of this, a follow up to the original “Mousou Nikki” from Renai, their first album.  Though the original was more exciting.  It’s not their fault that everything after Renai has been bland and vocalist Mao may sound like a sweet bird of paradise, until you wake up every morning to the same note for five albums.

“Capsule” is the promising bit of heavyness amongst all the light and fluffy, with a beautifully psychedelic intro that repeats at the end.  It’s a promise after wading through the first half of Hikari. SID may still have some shadows to explore and we want to hear them.

1. Rakuen
2. Mousou Nikki 2
3. Uso
5. Nakidashita Onna to Kyomukan
6. Monochrome no Kiss
7. Tsumiki Kuzushi
8. 2ºC Me no Kanojo
9. Capsule
11. Hikari