Jul 28

[review] High and Mighty Color: XYZ

hmc_xyzHALCA may be the vocalist that saves High and Mighty Color after losing their vocalist Makii to marriage.  The band released their first single with HALCA via iTunes on July 8th and it is a powerhouse song.

“XYZ” starts out fast and crunchy.  Instead of rap rock, Yusuke is screaming and growling ferociously.  Where Makii had often been eclipsed by the music around her, HALCA’s rich, deep vocals complement the heavier song.  Rather than the band toning it down to help the vocals,  it’s as if H&MC has been unfettered, their music allowed to progress to a crazy high without fear that their vocalist won’t be up to the task.

There’s a distinct metal sound similar to when the bands founders started as the indie band Anti-Nobunaga.  “XYZ” is a marked departure from their pop rock sound with Makii, a clean break and the herald for a High and Mighty HALCA era of music.

H&MC Official Website – http://hmc.spicemusic.jp/top.php