Jul 14

[press release] EXILE New Single Featuring FLO RIDA

EXILE“THE NEXT DOOR ‐INDESTRUCTIBLE ‐ featuring FLO RIDA” available July 15, 2009 via iTunes.

A brand new collaboration track by FLO RIDA who dominated the Billboard No.1 position for 6 amazing weeks and Japan/Asia No.1 monster group EXILE!

EXILE’s combined CD and DVD annual sales in 2008 marked an astonishing JPY 20 billion (approx.). They are the MONSTER GROUP who became the first ever winner of the “Artist Total Sales (ATS)” award. Meanwhile, combined PC and mobile digital distribution, EXILE has achieved 20 million downloads (approx.).

The track “THE NEXT DOOR –INDESTRUCTIBLE – feat. FLO RIDA” is featured in “Street Fighter World Project Theme Song” for the very popular game “Street Fighter 4” (U.S. version) which has sold over 2 million units. This
fantastic collaboration is inevitably gathering strong attention among affiliates and fans alike.

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  1. Victoria Goldenberg

    I’d take the revamped Da Pump over them. I’m not a fan, but at least Issa is a pretty cool dude.

  2. Kathy Chee

    LOL right? When I first saw the picture I didn’t imagine them to be a boy band.

  3. boo

    And this is why I have withdrawn from Japanese music as of late. When the f did EXILE become master and commander of the Asian continent? And how many of them are there!? Also, “let’s play one of these things is not like the other one of these things does not belong” with that single cover!

    Yup, old farty salaryman in the left corner pocket FTW. I can imagine him at Gokon trying to convince people he’s in the most popular dance R&B pop group in Japan.

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