Jul 28

[lifestyle] Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show

Otakon hosted the 2nd Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show at the Hilton in Baltimore, MD on July 18, 2009.  Featured designers included Megan Maude, Atelier Ingenue and Candy Violet.   For more information on the designers and their fashions, please visit EGL Livejournal.

This year’s show filled the Hilton ballroom with over 300 attendees all in for a treat from the American designer’s.  There were unusual fabric choices and whimsical dresses uniquely reflecting each designer’s taste. Each collection that walked the runway showed the promise of American lolita style.  While keeping to traditional silhouettes, there was a distinct American flair in pieces like a pink and polka dotted rockabilly inspired punk dress or one flowing white ensemble (complete with parasol and hat) that could have jumped right out of an impressionist painting.

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