Jul 07

Cocco and more Cocco

info_photo2009_2Nearly two years after her last single, authentic and eccentric music talent Cocco will release her first digital EP. The currently unnamed collection is a conceptual one consisting of four songs connected to the seasons. It will go on sale August 15, the same day Cocco releases her new book, Cocco-san no daidokoro, and performs a mini-live at the Shibuya Tower Records.

The tracks are:

(Spring) Kinuzure
(Summer) the end of Summer
(Autumn) Bye Bye Pumpkin Pie [performed in the Cocco KiraKira Live Tour DVD]
(Winter) Ai ni Tsuite

A number of digital stores will sell the EP. If you live overseas and want to buy it, your best bet is to buy a Japanese iTunes card. ITunes also carries some other Cocco works not available physically, like the “Dugong no Mieru Oka” music video and audio from the Live Speedstar Express DVD.

Cocco’s also collaborated on three tracks for Curly Giraffe’s self-cover album, Thank You For Being a Friend, on sale October 21. Curly Giraffe is a solo project by the former Great 3 bassist, Takakuwa Kiyoshi. A limited edition preview EP came out in May, but the album will include all its songs and more.

1. Water On featuring Arai Akino
2. My Dear Friend featuring Cocco
3. Forbidden Fruits featuring Kimura Kaela
4. Run Run Run featuring Bonnie Pink
5. Chaos featuring Chara
6. Mood featuring LOVE PSYCHEDELICO
7. Fountain Of Youth featuring Ando Yuko
8. You Just Swept Me Off My Feet featuring Hiraoka Keiko
9. Stand featuring Cocco
10. Spilt Milk featuring Bonnie Pink
11. Gentle Tree featuring Arai Akino
12. On Cloud Nine featuring Chara
13. Tricky Adult featuring Cocco

On July 10, C-pop and J-pop singer alan will release a Chinese album including the Mandarin version of “Gunjou no Tani,” the song Cocco wrote for her. The album is called Xin De Dong Fang and “Gunjou no Tani” is retitled “Ai Kan De Jian.”

Last winter, Cocco was the subject of Daijoubu de aru you ni – Cocco The endless journey - , a documentary by acclaimed director Koreeda Hirokazu (Nobody Knows).

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