Jun 17

[press release] Vocalist MELL To Perform at Otakon©

mell-500Baltimore, MD (June 17, 2009) – Japanese singer MELL, whose music is described alternately as J-pop, trance and techno and who has recorded several anime theme songs, will be a guest at Otakon 2009.

MELL shot to fame as one of the main vocalists of the group I’VE Sound, a Japanese techno/trance music production group known for distorted grooves. With her debut single release of “Red Fraction,” from her 2008 album Mellscope, MELL’s fascinating voice brought her renown in Japan’s music industry. Her superb stage performances and deep passion for the music drew enthusiastic audiences, making her accompanying tour of Japan an instant success.
With her second smash hit, “Proof,” she expanded the dark image associated with her first single, demonstrating motherly kindness in her voice, and appealing to a wide range of ages.

MELL was the first singer to work with Kazuya Takase and Yasutaka Ipposhi, the founders of I’VE Sound, even before they created their label. The production group eventually featured the talents of fellow vocalists KOTOKO, Mami Kawada, Eiko Shimamiya, and Kaoru Utatsuki and created the theme songs for many anime series. MELL’s characteristic vocals, combined with Kazuya’s arrangements, formed a fresh sound that fans would love in MELL’s theme songs for Black Lagoon, Hayate the Combat Butler, Sky Girls, Kiru: Kill and Rideback.

For more information, visit the official I’VE Sound site: http://iveusa.net/
The official MELL site: http://www.myspace.com/mellusa
Otakon 2009 will be held July 17-19 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.