Jun 18

[press release] Suicide Ali In Concert At Nekocon 2009

suicide-ali-0021June 17, 2009 – Visual Kei Industrial rockers Suicide Ali are set to make their American East Coast debut at Nekocon 2009. Nekocon 2009 will also be the American debut for the band’s newst member, Koji. The band will be appearing in support of their new CD, Daishi no waltz, being released through Darkest Labyrinth Records.

Their appearance will consist of 2 full concerts, merchandise sales, autograph sessions, a fan Q&A panel, and possible other surprises! Nekocon 2009 will take place November 6th-8th at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Virginia Beach,Virginia.

About Suicide Ali:
Formed by vocalist Goshi and guitarist Hiroshi, Suicide Ali breathed it’s first
breath in 2004. Described as a bastard child of deep psychological ideas and questioning, the band’s music and ideas seem to explore and attempt to discover what truly is the meaning of life, from its epic battles to its smallest nuances. The two brought in Yuu on guitars and Hisashi on drums in mid 2005. Having only a few downloadable demos on their website, the band managed to gain wide notoriety with both the Japanese and American visual kei fanbases. When Yuu announced he would be departing the band in early 2009, Koji was welcomed in to fill the void. The band continues to bring its unique autonomy and outlook on life to the world, with hopes to one day conquer it.

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