Jun 21

BoA to headline at San Francisco Pride 2009


More than three months after her stateside album release and many weeks since we’ve seen any new promotional activities, BoA has been announced as one of the main stage headliners for this year’s Pride celebration in San Francisco. She’ll be taking the stage on Sunday, June 28th, along with American singer Solange Knowles and Canadian rock trio The Cliks.

While this may seem an out-of-the-blue announcement, we should not forget that SF Pride was headlined by Lady GaGa in 2008, only shortly after her debut and shortly before the release of her first album and subsequent skyrocketing to stardom. In the official announcement, SF Pride describes their booking of BoA as a continuation of their “commitment to bringing in major, cutting edge entertainment.” Could this performance be the start of something big for BoA, as it was for GaGa before her? Hmmm. Only time will tell…

More info, including the festival’s performance schedule, at http://www.sfpride.org/.


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  1. Robert Garak

    I don’t know if BoA was embraced by Gays because she performed, but she certainly converted me into a follower. Before the show I was already a fan of a lot of jpop, but knew little about her. She is awesome. I think if she really wants to, she will make it big in the American music market, unlike others who have failed…

  2. Keala

    I think you can’t compare Lady Gaga and BoA. SF Pride is just a main stage you have to be. They have different styles of music.
    BoA has a good voice and her club songs are catchy. Her dance music certainly needs to grow up.
    But her performance are definetely her real power. You won’t find any artists, except Justin Timberlake or Janet Jackson, who can dance and sing with such skills and energy.

    1. Keala

      And it’s a dancer opinion.

      Here is her last song performance “Energetic” :

      And “Bad drive”, a perf from her last tour :

  3. Bridget Goldstein

    I agree that Lady Gaga was definitely a star before the Pride Event. But she was a very tough pill for America to swallow while Europe and Australia just ate her up. Her performance is very dramatic and not the typical thing since performance art is not really a main part of the American Music scene (notice there are very few shows for artists to come on TV to perform unlike other countries). Like Lady Gaga, BoA is a flawless performer and I think this is what will win her fans, not her album. She has good beats and catchy songs but her studio work is just okay, her performance though is what makes her a star. Notice her album sales aren’t as high but her concerts are usually always sold out, people love watching her perform and it IS unforgettable. And BTW BoA made it big not just because of Avex but because of her age, she was a first for young performers at that age and she was different cause she didn’t have the nasally voice that most japanese singers have although she started to develop one later in Japan (hence she had to do so much new vocal training when she recorded Girls On Top in Korea)

    1. Bridget Goldstein

      oh and the point about Lady Gaga was that the Gay audience embraced her. She even says that she owes her fame to them for keeping her relevant and requesting her. There’s a quote I don’t have it handy but she does say that. So if BoA is embraced by the Gays then maybe that will be the vehicle, the new audience to invade after the Asian americans.

      1. Kathy Chee

        We’ll have to see if DJ’s start picking up and remixing her music for the club scene.

  4. BoAnumber1Fan

    Videos of the concert are available :D


  5. Tsuki

    I never thought she was anything to get excited about. She can sing, she’s pretty, but really, nothing unforgettable.

    By the way, that picture looks like someone backed up a truck full of rocks and unloaded them into her cleavage.

    1. Victoria Goldenberg


  6. Kitsune_Baka

    Maybe she’ll sing “Every Heart,” lol.
    People would know that one.

  7. Kathy Chee

    I agree with the thought on Lady Gaga. She had an act and she was good before the event. BoA, I dunno. She has danceable tunes, which makes her great for any pride event. But then I wonder what the Asian community will think of her supporting gays, since it’s pretty taboo in the majority of Asia.

    1. Victoria Goldenberg

      Yeah, that’s interesting, especially since SM seems influenced by the Korean fans. Their promotion for BoA’s US album included contests at Korean forums, and I heard rumors that the reason they scrapped the Diana Martel video and skin-baring photoshoot was because Korean fans didn’t like them.

    2. Catherine Catanzaro

      Hmmm, yeah, that is an interesting point about the gay taboo in Asia. Makes me wish I could read Korean.

  8. Victoria Goldenberg

    I think Lady Gaga would have become big no matter what particular event was the catalyst. She’s got the goods that get people, whether they like her or not, talking about her. BoA is, well, boring. I doubt she would’ve even been as popular as she was in Japan (not that she was impressively so) if Avex hadn’t promoted the hell out of her because she was part of the deal in getting their CDs sold in Korea again.

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