Jun 01

[press release] Singer/Songwriter Becca to Perform at Otakon

becca-500Baltimore, MD (June 1, 2009) – American singer/songwriter Becca, also known as Becca-chan, an up-and-coming artist who is gaining international fans, will perform at Otakon 2009.

From the time Becca was just 2 years old, she was already expressing herself through singing, and at the age of 10, she began playing guitar and writing music. Today at 19, Becca’s journey from high school freshman to emerging artist has been nothing short of a dream come true. “It all happened when a family friend sent one of my demos to Meredith Brooks”, says Becca.
Meredith Brooks, a multi-platinum artist, producer and songwriter (singer of “Bitch”), was immediately impressed by what she heard. “Becca has a powerhouse voice, and when I realized that she could write songs, too… I was sold.”

Within the next couple of months, Becca moved from her home in Portland, Oregon, to Los Angeles to begin writing and recording songs with Brooks. After spending some months developing her sound, she began to play live shows along the West Coast.

Becca’s high-energy live performances began to grab the attention of the music industry and many new fans. By late 2007, Becca was offered a record deal by Sony Music. In June 2008, Becca debuted her first EP in Japan.
Since then, she has performed at the famous Japanese music festival, Summersonic. She has released a second EP, and her first full album, “Alive!!”, debuted at #2 on the international charts in Japan on November 5. Her single “I’m Alive!” not only topped the international single charts, but made her the only international artist to rank in the top 100 of Japan’s overall single charts.

To find out more about her, visit her official sites: http://www.beccachan.com



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  1. stoner ichigo

    god she is so hot id cut off a hand just to hang out with her as a friend

  2. she sucks

    Becca cannot sing she only shouts in the mike that’s not singing

  3. Victoria Goldenberg

    Leah Dizon would have been more fun. I’d go just to hear her, uh, singing. And ask her if she knows Jay Chou. And see if we could convince her management to give us an exclusive photoshoot for massive page views.

    But she lives in Japan and has a kid now, on top of the swine flu funtimes.

  4. Catherine Catanzaro

    Uh. Que? What a bizarre choice. Looks like Victoria wasn’t too far off with her Leah Dizon guess though, hah.

    I know for a fact that the swine flu has had an impact on event planning; the Japanese government issued statements urging Japanese citizens not to travel and it resulted in a lot of cancelled concerts and events. My Merzbow show was cancelled, dammit!

    And “Bitch” was an amazing song!! I totally had that single. I wonder what happened to it…

  5. Scott

    I scratched my head for a good while trying to figure out this announcement yesterday. Like everyone else, I can’t seem to find the “otaku connection” here and why Becca would appeal to this audiance.

    I think it’s just a sign that Otakon didn’t have much luck securing Japanese acts this year. Maybe it’s the economy or maybe it’s the swine flu, but if Becca and who-I-think-it-is end up being the two huge announces they promised last week, the con really had to stick to domestic choices this year.

    That being said, Meridith Brook’s “Bitch” was one of my favorite songs of the 90′s, so I am somewhat interested in seeing her protegee perform, albeit for non-anime reason.

  6. Victoria Goldenberg

    They’re probably hoping she’ll appeal to the American kids who dream of making it in Japan. Except this girl doesn’t sound very successful–ebuting at #2 in the international charts isn’t much, and having a single in the top 100 may not be too meaningful. Scott Murphy would have been better because he’s more successful and actually sings in Japanese (covers, but still).

  7. Kathy Chee

    So I have to comment on this one, because I was completely hoping for Utada or someone of similar status. Instead Otakon announces this. What a cop out. She’s not Japanese, she doesn’t sing in Japanese and well…she’s not Japanese. What do 50% of Otaku want? A cute Japanese girl to dance around for them! The other 50% want boys who look like girls dancing around.

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