May 07

Unsentimental Piggy

Check out this announcement from LM.C’s website.

April 30th, 2009

We regret to inform you that in accordance with an official announcement made by Pony Canyon Inc. today regarding the outbreak of the swine flu made on April 30th, the upcoming LM.C appearance at AKON (May 29-31 in Dallas, Texas) has been cancelled. This announcement comes in response to the World Health Organization’s decision to raise the swine flu pandemic level to phase 5. Pony Canyon Inc. and Ponycanyon Music Inc. announced that all employees and artists have been grounded and are prohibited from traveling overseas. This suspension of travel will remain until WHO officials determine it is safe.

We would like to express our deepest apologies for those of you who have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of LM.C in Texas. Although the members of LM.C were very much looking forward to performing for their fans at AKON, they must adhere to the necessary precautions as outlined by the WHO.

We would like nothing more than to have everyone’s understanding and continued support for LM.C. We plan on returning to our fans in the US for some other time once the ban has been lifted and the situation improved.

Pony Canyon/Ponycanyon Music and LM.C appreciate your sincere understanding and send our best wishes for the success of AKON TWENTY.


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  1. Victoria Goldenberg

    Oh no, SARS!

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