May 11

[News] Utada Hikaru postpones Best Buy appearances

Photo by Y. Kikuma from Utada.com

Photo by Y. Kikuma from Utada.com

An acute case of left relapsing peritonsillitis forced Utada Hikaru to cancel a series of nationwide appearances at Best Buy this week. These were meant to coincide with the pop singer’s domestic release of This Is The One tomorrow.

Utada’s official site says the promotion will be rescheduled. You can read the full news release here.

The timing is unfortunate for Hikki, but it sounds like she’ll recover. And it’s not like cancelled promotion will  keep This Is The One from racking up decent first-week sales from hardcore fans, who probably would have made up the majority of the Best Buy attendees anyway.

It’s also embarrassing that the Utada.com news release claims incorrectly that the singer is Japan’s best-selling artist ever.