May 14

Kyosuke Himuro Plays It Safe & Sound

I normally enjoy Kyosuke Himuro’s voice, but in this instance it has become My Chemical Romanced, auto-tuned and flattened. It’s not a My Chemical Romance song, but it might as well be. And not one from the good old days when they were interesting, punky and hardcore.  “Safe and Sound” was written and composed by Gerard and co-produced with Himuro for the new Final Fintasy VII: Advent Children Complete. You know, because it wasn’t complete without the 30 extra minutes of CG eye candy.

Here are the lyrics.  There’s a lot of whoa whoa-ing which I’ll abbreviate to ww.  I have taken many liberties with punctuation and structuring since I basically just listened to the song a few times and typed out what I heard (it’s become quite a catchy song after 5 listens or so).


And though my hopes and dreams aren’t for anyone.
I keep them safe and sound.

And I hope this picture is not yours anymore,
But can you hear me now?

Now that’s okay man.  I’ll say it across this land,
You should have kissed me, baby.

So try and stop me,
Or so forgive this light, ’cause I can’t beg all night.

Until my heart stops beating,
You’ll never hear me say I won’t kiss you.

If I say its lost its beating,
If I can’t find my way,
Its over now.

But I won’t walk away.

Until the day (ww)
I’m never backing down (ww)
And hear me say (ww)
I’ll keep it safe and sound (ww)
I’ll keep it safe and (ww)

This hopeless feeling; the fear of falling down,
But I’m not crashing now.

For all this bleeding it wasn’t worth the sound,
A million screaming out.

And still the earth comes reeling,
The curtain calls my name.  I’m not afraid.

And I know you may not miss me,
But I am not ashamed.
The choice I made.

But I can’t let this go.

Until the day (ww)
I’m never backing down (ww)
Just hear me say (ww)
I’ll keep it safe and sound (ww)
I’ll keep it safe and (ww)

A dashing car or a dying star that’s racing to the ground.

Like the final words of the passengers,
Will the angels give it all?

Will the world watch us fall.

End Chorus:
Until the day (ww)
I’m never backing down (ww)
Just hear me say (ww)
I’ll keep it safe and sound (ww)
Keep it safe and sound (ww)
Keep it safe and sound (ww)
Keep it safe and sound (ww)
Keep it safe and sound (ww)
Keep it safe and sound (ww)


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  1. Kitsune_Baka

    Meh… I still think that this is a frightening step in a not so good direction for J-Rock. I still like being able to get the CD’s for way under the typical $40 import price tag, but the thought of more J-Rockers doing duets with guys like Gerard makes me die inside. But I guess I really shouldn’t judge too much, since they treat our stuff over there like we treat their stuff over here. What is the most bland and generic here could be the freshest, most interesting thing they’d ever heard and vice versa…

  2. Victoria Goldenberg

    I don’t see what Hot Topic has to do with Himuro Kyosuke. Himuro lives in America and has done a number of collaborations with both Japanese and American artists. Besides, it’s not like Japan doesn’t have its own share of whiny emo guys.

  3. Kitsune_Baka

    …In the past (and during my participation in threads on the old PSky forums) I’ve always railed against “elitist fans” for hating on Hot Topic for carrying cheaper releases of J-Rock albums, considering such people who were against it to be selfish, paranoid snobs… but if this is what the result is (whiney Emo guys trying to do crossovers with J-Rockers) then I guess all the snobs were right all along. Thus begins the downfall of J-Rock, next Kyo will do a duet with that dude from AFI…

    1. Evan

      There’s nothing wrong with liking both Dir en grey and AFI… It just so happens that although Dir en grey remain to be my favorite band, AFI are one of my top western bands.

      Crossovers will always come with some negative responses from fans on both ends of the spectrum (in this case Himuro vs MCR). People take offense way too easy at this sort of thing, they get all defensive and outwardly elitist. I look at it from a more appreciative standpoint. This collab came as a surprise to me, and while I enjoy the song I can easily understand how MCR fans would not be keen on Himuro’s more Japanese vocal style/accent, but in the end there’s no denying that each vocalist have their skills. The “Woooah!’s” definitely stick out prominently as a characteristic Gerard thing. While they each come from a different classifiable area in music genre, one must look beyond the stratifications to see where the blending creates something unique.

      No matter what, it is still “Kyosuke Himuro feat. Gerard Way” and not the other way around, and the western MCR fans probably would have been clueless to the collab without YouTube. It’s young meets old, veteran meets greenhorn, East meets West. In my assessment, a success.

      1. Victoria Goldenberg

        Himuro’s covered AFI and Jimmy Eat World before, so the MCR collaboration is a logical next step. This is probably the music he likes.

        It is interesting how the Internet makes it easier for fans to listen to all the [Japanese artist] feat. [Western artist] meant for Japanese consumption. That also goes for all the Japanese commercials Angelina Jolie and other Western celebrities participate in. They can’t hide anymore!

        1. Evan

          So true, so true.
          Thanks to your mention I have now listened to the AFI and Jimmy covers (thanks to the wonders of YouTube and eClips). Both are well done. I love both the originals, so I was pleased to see he did them justice.

          Safe & Sound sure put Himuro on the map. search Himuro on google/youtube and half of the results immediately jump to Himuro feat. Gerard Way.

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